After the Cuts

Gary McNair
Raw Material Arts Ltd In association with The Beacon

It’s June, 2042. But not much has changed. Agnes (Pauline Knowles) has just returned to a cosy home shared with long-time husband, James (George Docherty). She has been to the doctors and they will have to wait months for confirmed cancer results. But her insurance will not cover the necessary surgery.

With a little snipe at insurance companies, we learn she could have upgraded her insurance to “Cancer Coverage” but she can’t now she’s been diagnosed. (Catch 22 for those familiar with Joseph Heller’s book by that name.)

Husband James can fix anything. But can he fix this? Pauline Knowles is world weary as Agnes and George Docherty is naïvely optimistic.

Can playwright Gary McNair can fix this? His poignant but dark comedy is just what the doctor and NHS ordered. Beautifully directed by Beth Morton on a warm, worn and perfect set, After The Cuts deals with issues we all face multiple times during our life.

We live and we die and this is, sadly, a play we should all see.

Reviewer: Catherine Lamm

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