Steven Berkoff
MuchMuchMore Theatre Company
theSpace@ North Bridge

Covered in blood, earth and ashes, an eleven-strong troupe performs Berkoff's 30-year-old interpretation of the tragedy of Agamemnon, ranting and writing on stage in a swarm of bodies, making physical structures and dioramas to complement Berkoff's detonating prose. The tale of the Mycenaean King and his significance in the Trojan War is told, from the outset to his final moments and death at the hands of Clytemnestra, with a high degree of skill and an enthusiasm toward the production.

With the entire cast thronging about on stage, it's assuredly a production that would have Berkoff chuckling if he watched it. What with the anguished contortions and, bizarrely, machine guns and bazookas all fitting in moderately seamlessly, it's a nicely unusual piece of modern theatre and the cast and crew should feel proud at having managed to make Berkoff's eye-strainingly twisted narrative both captivating throughout and never ridiculous.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan

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