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Agenda is a surprisingly gentle and sweet peering into the lives of modern teenagers.

Despite an opening which is replete with mentions of sexism, gender identity and a barrage of mentions of International Women's Day, these concerns fade into the texture of the background. As for the characters, such things are merely an everyday aspect of finding themselves and learning about each other.

Following a group of school-aged boys and girls, they argue, joke laugh and fall in and out of love during the build-up to the High School prom.

It's a warmingly hopeful look at humanity and the ever-broadening inclusivity of the younger generation, for whom sexuality isn't something to get riled up about and being overly concerned with activism is a cause for gentle ribbing but not a reason to be looked down on.

Indeed, during one of the several moments of non-storyline performance, touching on concerns and relatable moments in the lives of the boys and girls, portraying gender-swapped stag and hen nights, the cast break character to complain that their views of each other are reductive and stereotyped.

It's all done in good fun and the young cast show themselves accomplished beyond their years in a play that is far better than the few performance dates would suggest.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan

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