Agent of Influence: The Secret Life of Pamela More

Sarah Sigal
Fluff productions
Underbelly, Cowgate

Lady Pamela is very well connected: she writes for The Times, she knows what's in and out of fashion and she keeps out of politics—or does she? Her seeming indifference is the perfect cover and, to her own surprise, she's recruited by MI5 to spy on Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson.

It's a riveting adventure and Sarah Sigal’s pithy script is delivered with assurance by Rebecca Dunn who switches from aristocrat to servant, MI5 agent to royalty in this one-woman yarn.

For all its froth, however, there are some darker political points covered in this tale regarding the dangerous attitude of high society towards Hitler and the extent to which title and privilege can excuse many actions.

Pamela’s political awakening and growing disgust towards those who she’d previously chosen to ignore seeps through the script as she slowly becomes an agent of influence no longer interested in frippery.

The show packs a lot of action into such a short time slot and treads a careful balance between humorous observation and derring-do. With such a competent performer, it would be fantastic to see how much could more be drawn out of this tale with some innovative direction.

Reviewer: Amy Yorston

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