#All of Us in Wonderland

International Collegiate Theatre Festival
theSpace @ Venue45

#All Of Us In Wonderland asks, “how has digital communications changed us?"

Of course, in an hour and fifteen minutes they can only skim the surface. But it gets us thinking about it; the good and the bad, with a little Alice and Wonderland thrown in to give us the sense of the inexplicability, mystery and adventure in the ever evolving thing known as social media. And they delineate “the rabbit hole” as that quiet place to escape.

This idea, in and of itself, is a brilliant concept. But with selfies, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, online shopping, online dating and all the others mentioned and the oh-so-many not mentioned, it leaves us wondering what new thing has been created whilst we sit here.

And it didn’t escape us that, with the International Collegiate Theatre Festival being all women, how would the men weigh in differently on this issue? They leave us with so many more questions than answers.

Reviewer: Catherine Lamm

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