All or Nothing?

James Callàs Ball
The Callàs Company

A production to leave you speechless... and the actors for that matter. All or Nothing? by The Callàs Company is a beautiful piece comically portrayed through mime and expression to the backing of a carefully selected soundtrack... without uttering a single word.

The piece itself plays about with the concept of mime as a dramatic form. The set, consisting of two different areas (one totally blank and the other filled as if newly moved into), provides a great canvas for the two actors to investigate this form of performance.

The empty space is very quickly filled with imaginary cupboards, showers and tables as James Callàs Ball invites the audience into his flat to witness his (mimed) early morning routine. In the flat opposite, The Lady played by Jasmine Blackborrow is waking up to the luxury of real life objects. Once the two neighbours have clapped eyes on each other, what ensues is both intriguing and extremely comical.

Both performers are stunning at their art with Ball's mime skills captivating to watch and Blackborrow's ability to flit so swiftly between using props and having to create imagined objects, second to none. The comic elements that have been added to the performance including moments of lip-syncing and a hilarious love montage really do help round off this jaw-dropping piece in superb fashion.

All or Nothing? is fun for all the family and no doubt the Càllas Company is destined for even bigger and better things.

All or Nothing? runs until 24 August at Greenside.

Reviewer: Liam Blain

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