Jules Horne
Assembly Inverleith

Director Kate Nelson was compelled to seek out the Assembly for support for this project which takes place in her own allotment on the west side of the Botanical Gardens.

Maddy and Dora are sisters who lived together and shared a garden allotment. Their days and lives evolved and unfolded in the gardening. Theirs was a symbiotic relationship. Maddy is slow – or maybe just socially unschooled. Her sister, Dora is the responsible one. Responsible for Maddy. Or maybe just bossy. But their lives revolve around each other. This relationship is extreme and sometimes brutal. But they need each other.

Allotment is performed on Ms. Nelson's allotment no matter what the weather. It is both funny and sad. Performed with believable subtlety by Nicola Jo Cully as Maddy and Pauline Goldsmith as Dora.

Reviewer: Catherine Lamm

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