An Evening with CS Lewis

Rising Image Productions
Greenside @ Nicolson Square

Unsurprisingly, as the title denotes, Rising Image's play places the audience in the role of guests in the home of the famous british writer and professor Clive Staples Lewis, or 'Jack' to his friends.

We're treated to a meandering reminiscence that covers his early academic career at Oxford before focusing heavily on his feelings about religion and the doomed late love of his life with Joy Gresham.

David Payne embodies the role with a practised ease that befits his many years playing Lewis and his close study of the man. As such, there's a relaxed feeling to proceedings that means that, outside of the moments of clear and genuine emotion, the entire affair does feel more than a wee bit safe.

There's a sense that, albeit perhaps realistic, the topics of conversation would have been fuelled by a little more artistic license and perhaps some more dwelling on the antagonism that notoriously existed between many of the Oxford dons.

Still, these are pithy complaints towards what was a thoroughly comfortable and entertaining hour in the company of an eager host, a ready tale and a never quite materialising cup of tea.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan

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