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Daniel Martinez Flamenco Company
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The Andalucia company

Classical music meets flamenco. One may ask, how can classical music go with flamenco? Well, see this show and you will know that in the right hands, they can complement each other.

The show premièred this year and is based on the music of the eight cities of Andalucia. Daniel Martinez, director of the company, has composed pieces for each city. Each area has subtle differences: Granada, Malaga, Jaen, Huela, Almeria, Seville, Cadiz and his own hometown, Cordoba.

Uniquely, the pieces are accompanied by chamber music. As with any good creative company, they strive to push the boundaries, advance, and this is one example of their work. The finger work of the violinist, Barbara Gonzalez, more than kept pace with Martinez, accompanied by Elizabeth Stockton on double bass, Martinez’s brother Oscar Martinez on the euphonium and Julian Tikotiko, percussionist and cajon player. They were eventually joined by the brilliant dancer Jara Perez. No show would be complete without the excellent singing and handwork of Inma Montero and Danielo Olivera, so a company of eight performers on a tablecloth of a stage performing their hearts out.

Flamenco culture originated in Andalucia, but has since become one of the icons of Spanish music and even Spanish culture in general. The word Flamenco in Spanish originally meant Flemish. It is a Spanish art form typical of Andalucía, the southern region of Spain, made up of 3 elements: song (cante), dance (baile) and music (toque). Originally, it was the traditional dance and music of the Andalusian gitanos (gypsies).

The Spanish company shows its heritage and culture, many having started from childhood; it is in their blood, a veritable masterclass in flamenco.

Reviewer: Anna Ambelez

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