Around Miss Julie

Harry Standjofski
Hopegrown Productions
C nova

Around Miss Julie

Dancing around Strindberg’s classic play, this one-act piece is a snapshot of actors in rehearsal dealing with situations in which life seems to mirror art.

It is not essential to have read or seen Miss Julie to enjoy the script but the comedy is certainly richer for those who have familiarity with the original. Strindberg’s text is intertwined with modern dialogue and the cast switch between the two seamlessly.

With a cast of only four, the script is entirely reliant upon their interplay as it is their relationships that propel the play forward with such force. With no costume changes and extremely minimal scene changes, the pace is therefore appropriately snappy, convincingly creating the idea that time has passed from audition to performance.

If anything the final few minutes feel slightly rushed, however, and although the build up to the extremely abridged version of Miss Julie is funny it does contribute to the abrupt ending of the play that feels slightly contrived.

Overall however this is an intriguing show that offers a glimpse into the lives of four people connected by Strindberg. Safe in confident hands, the cast offer excellently strong performances and the handmade bird is pretty special to look at too.

Reviewer: Amy Yorston

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