Johanna Cosgrove
Zanetti Productions
Assembly George Square

Johanna Cosgrove in Aunty

It’s the great Kelly family reunion and Aunty is delighted to have all her favourite relatives come for her special party. Well, most of her relatives, Derek’s been taken ill and then, of course, there’s Shannon…

She’s arranged everything exactly as she’d want it, no mean feat, having flown in from New Zealand to see us all, but she is thrifty!

Johanna Cosgrove’s insanely spot-on creation holds court with perfect bolsh and bravado, as she “reminds” us of the great Kelly parties of yesteryear and, of course, the traditions! All of this is ably soundtracked by Derek in the next room.

However, Aunty is more than a two-dimensional comedy persona. She is an intricately complicated, sympathetically observed character, whose shallow, confident façade masks a life of sadness and regret. Having said that, Cosgrove keeps the laughs coming, even in the more vulnerable moments, flawlessly playing the dark notes to maximum effect.

All I can say is, you should probably go—don’t forget to take a plate—you owe it to your favourite Aunty. Can’t say much more because, you remember the family motto: no scabs, no narcs, no traitors.

Reviewer: Tony Trigwell-Jones

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