Aurora Winterborn's Candid Cabaret

Candid Cabaret
Sapphire Rooms

With it's sultry shadowed atmosphere reminiscent of a Paris nightclub, this festival, the Sapphire Rooms main stage has been transformed into the epicentre of a cabaret extravaganza with acts ready to burst upon it to titillate, tease and delight.

With the changeable nature of a cabaret mixed bag of acts, there is an ever-changing array of performance on display.

With the quick-witted and inviting Ophelia Bitz as compère, the acts of the evening varied from Ministry of Burlesque's Tom Delish and the wit of Kev Orkian's stand-up genius to a sultry striptease with a can of whipped cream from the ever-delectable Magenta D'Lust.

The choice of acts is as varied as could be, and proof that Candid Cabaret hasn't lost a hint of it's lustre since exploding onto last year's Fringe.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan

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