Austen's Women

Dyad Productions
Assembly George Square

Austen's Women

Sat at her dressing table, gently and precisely preening herself, a young woman in Georgian era dress has a few things to say about the predicaments of men, marriage and the minds of women.

In an intuitively constructed meander, the audience is led through the thoughts and feelings of over a dozen of Austen's most famous and contrastingly different personalities.

Rebecca Vaughan once again thrusts herself onstage with nary a hint of ever breaking step or character. Between last year's grimly captivating Female Gothic and Austen's Women, she's fast proving herself to be one of the most exciting young performers on the British stage. Her eloquent delivery and confident stagecraft is blissfully combined with Guy Masterson's always reliable direction to create a fascinating production.

Both poignant and precise, the piece never gets too indulgent in a single character that they overstay their welcome, and pleasingly the expert skill with which the play has been penned means that even Austen novices will be enthralled. Truly extraordinary.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan

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