Awkward Happiness

Studio Matejka

Awkward Happiness

There is something a little unsettling, awkward from the beginning of Awkward Happiness, the offering from the Poland-based physical theatre company. We're engaged but on guard.

These four performers who are coupled in the beginning search for balance, understanding, ease; trying to find a relationship with each other that works for both. They are interesting and engaging.

But they go to far into novelty when there is water and flour introduced to the space. One gets the feeling that they don't trust the work enough to be awkward enough.

The performers are well-trained and work well together. There are moments that you are totally engaged and want to make the journey with them.

One of the performers says he prefers bittersweet chocolate because the aftertaste doesn't let him down. Awkward Happiness is sort of that.

Reviewer: Catherine Lamm

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