Baby Wants Candy: The Completely Improvised Full Band Musical

Baby Wants Candy
Assembly George Square Studios

Baby Wants Candy

Baby Wants Candy is becoming a must see institution at the Edinburgh Fringe. They have a fantastic four-piece band and a highly talented cast of performers who take suggestions from the audience for a title for this evening’s musical.

Each performance is unique with previous hits being Insomnia the Musical and a few years ago When Gingers Ruled the World.

On the evening I went, the capacity audience suggested Espionage and soon we were transported to the world of film where all the famous actors have been held hostage and need rescuing.

In this spy thriller we have a James Bond spoof starring 00 Actor. The Head of the studio wants all the world nuclear codes as payment for the release of his prisoners. I laughed out loud as the special agents used the guise of visiting Mormons to gain access to the building and the lift and hallway music become a running gag throughout.

The highly talented cast of seven have remarkable skills as improvisers and it’s a joy to watch as they develop the plot. It’s also hilariously funny with music that matches the mood perfectly ranging from romantic ballads to rousing chorus numbers.

You have to admire their sheer dexterity, imagination and their crazy choreography. There was an infectious enjoyment from the band as they also laughed at some of the insane antics of the cast who seemed to be enjoying themselves as much as the audience.

The final tag line of “You have been watching Thespionage” was brilliant. I would happily go and see Baby Wants Candy again. Highly recommended.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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