Baby Wants Candy

Baby Wants Candy
Assembly George Square

Baby Wants Candy returns for the sixth year at the Assembly in George Square. Their highly successful formula takes suggestions from the audience to decide the subject of the evening’s improvised musical. Previous subjects have included Fifty Shades of Gay and When Gingers Ruled the World which got whoops of delight from several members of the audience.

Each evening is different but on the night I attended and “for the first and last time", performed live was Velociraptor—the musical and it probably doesn’t come more crazier than that.

You have to admire the sheer inventiveness and skill of these performers in creating a musical on the spot. The band is absolutely superb creating ballads and inspired chorus numbers with apparent ease and the bond with the actors is amazing.

The storyline concerned one of the cast falling in love with this reptilian creature whom he takes to meet his mother with hilarious consequences. The characters they create are so imaginative that you never quite know who is going to turn up next and in some cases it was a total surprise to the actors as well.

The enthusiastic, supportive audience loved every minute of this madcap musical and gave rapturous applause at the end, and the cast appeared to be having as much fun as well.

The shows have been selling out fast so for an evening of high-energy fun and laughter book soon.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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