Barry & Stuart: Show and Tell

Udderbelly’s Pasture

Not only are these two guys clever and funny and mesmerizing magicians, but they’re cute for days. Note that in order to see the “tell” part of the evening, you must have seen the “show” part.

This very fluid tag team magic show is really good magic, tricky lads. The “Show” is the requisite tricks and lots of funny bits. They make use of the audience as all good magicians do. And they’re very funny.

The “tell” part of the evening is a blow by blow revealing of how all of the tricks are done. Some seem very simple and straightforward; you cannot understand why you didn’t see this during the show. But some of them seem very involved and beyond most people like the one which involves the contents of a magazine. It still eludes me but I can tell you it is one that I have no interest in trying to master.

You’ll love it.

Reviewer: Catherine Henry Lamm

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