Cedric Chapuis
Stories In Production in Association with Ki M'aime Me Suise and Scenes Plurielles
Pleasance Dome


Beat is the story of young, very naïve Alfie who discovers the percussionist in himself and works to develop his talent, opportunities and instruments. His many hurdles (his bullying fellow students, teachers, mother, stepfather George, brother Hugo and tightly laced neighbours) fuel the fire within him and engulf him. He has two full drum kits to help illuminate his journey.

Daniel Bellus plays the very charming Alfie who brings us along the road of discovery, beautifully written by Cedric Chapuis and spartanly directed by Stephane Batlle. Although Bellus seems at times a little too precious and Chapuis has added an unnecessary and shocking end to this discovery piece, it is still so compelling and engaging. It speaks for all the struggling and emerging artists.

Beat is hard to resist and a delight for all, including the enthusiastic fan in the front row.

Reviewer: Catherine Lamm

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