Belt Up's Twenty Minutes to Nine

Belt Up Theatre in association with Jethro Compton Ltd
C soco

Lucy Farrett shines in this one woman show in which the lines between storytelling, theatre and audience interaction become blurred. Belt Up are known for their love of faded glamour and feel of decay and nothing comes across stronger in this piece than the march of time touching all of the characters mentioned throughout the narrative.

It is however very static and whilst the cushions and old sofas add to the atmosphere an hour on the floor was indeed rather uncomfortable for a show needing such concentration.

There is much to be taken from the tangent-filled journey which has both its comical and poignant moments, secrets are shared and opinions gathered. The audience is invited partially into the world of a woman for whom the clocks have stopped. I however kept waiting for a climax; intrigue is a major part of the production but didn't satisfy me to the very end.

Reviewer: Amy Yorston

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