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Ben Target: Lorenzo

Lorenzo Wong enjoyed a colourful life, coming from a family of Chinese gangsters to London via Cuba. Ben Target has been nominated for, and won, prestigious comedy awards, his work is often interactive and considered absurd, but his early life (as we learn) was far from straightforward.

In this new show, Target touchingly tells the story of how, in lockdown, he was called upon to help his extended family by moving in with his adoptive octogenarian uncle to support his end of life care. Lorenzo is the irascible and playful soul who took young Ben under his wing when times were tough for the young boy. Now he is in pain, Lorenzo needs Target to support him with often the most basic functions.

Ben approaches the task by trying to keep Lorenzo’s life engaging, allowing him all the dignity he is able to maintain for as long as he can maintain it. However, this comes at some cost to his own wellbeing. The pair go through difficult times together, and Target is unflinchingly honest about his own joys and regrets.

Set around a carpentry table, the autobiographical tale unfolds with irreverence, precision and humanity. Ben Target is a master storyteller and his performance is the perfect celebration of the life of Lorenzo Wong, the “only adult that Target ever really felt safe with”.

The play is as heartfelt as it is disarmingly funny in its portrayal of the challenges for those who are full-time carers and those they support. It is a truly beautiful piece of work.

Reviewer: Tony Trigwell-Jones

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