Beyond Hillsborough

Zipped Up Theatre Company
Quaker Meeting House

Few events in recent British history are remembered with the same level of sadness and shame as the tragedy of Hillsborough Stadium in 1989.

Twenty years on and there are still myriad unanswered questions and allegations of a conspiracy to cover up the real people responsible. Using the real transcripts of interviews and reports from survivors of the disaster and the families of the deceased, Zipped Up Theatre has constructed a touching look into the feelings that have still not yet abated.

It's a wonderfully moving piece, as the young cast perform beyond their years as the long-suffering families talking despairingly of the tragedy. It's interesting that, instead of a simple talking heads format, the piece at one stage takes the form of a support meeting, then later a trio of journalists in taxis, recounting their stories to the drivers.

This real-world grounding takes the play out of being a simple documentary piece and adds immeasurably to the human element. A fine play, by talented performers.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan

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