NoFit State Circus
NoFit State Big Top

The circus is in town! Call in sick! Sneak out of the house. Get a ticket—if you can. I never told you to crawl under the tent—if you must. If you can only see one thing on the Fringe, you will not regret seeing this.

This is not your granny’s circus. This isn’t your mum’s. This is the circus you would REALLY want to run away to join. If you could. The problem of course it that you wouldn’t be able to do any of the things that NoFit State can do.

This British-based company founded in 1986 feels spanking new and vaguely Eastern European (apologies to founders Williams, Gregory, Turner, Rack and Williams). Although they label themselves as organized anarchy, there is incredible care and precision as performers push the limit of what seems possible or, at the very least, safe. “I think it’s the moment just before the limit which is the best.” We hold our breath, then ooooh and ah and shriek with amazed approval.

There are more involved than the 16 performers. There is also a band of four musicians worthy of their own performance. There are riggers and tent builders and lighting designers and stage manager and wardrobe people and on and on. (They have a physiotherapist on staff and you’ll understand why once you’ve seen this.)

Not just a circus, this is a massive undertaking and kudos to each and every one involved. A special nod to the men and women who work as counter-balance to the acrobats—they are equally worth watching. And they all watch each other perform; not just in appreciation but obviously for safety.

It all may see wild and random as they are flying and diving and floating. But it’s not. Shame and pity if you don’t see NoFit State. And take the kids - they'll thank you for years. (Thanks for sharing, Anna and Alan.)

Reviewer: Catherine Lamm

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