Kristján Ingimarsson and Jesper Pedersen
Teater Neander, Denmark
Pleasance Courtyard

Blam! Kristján Ingimarsson, Lars Gregersen, Didier Oberlé, Joen Højerslev Credit: Søren Meisner

Once in every Fringe, genius and lunacy come together on stage in precisely the right measure, bringing audiences to their feet and leaving the city clamouring for tickets. Blam! is exactly that show.

Danish company, Teater Neander take a brilliantly-observed look at the edgy tedium of office politics, created here from the raised dais of a socially inept middle manager with a side-parting and a psychotic need to stamp out the camaraderie of his three underlings. It's an all-too familiar Work-Place Hell which here drives four grown men to release their inner-Bruce Willis while reaching for the nearest improvised staple-gun Uzi.

Blam! is a breathtaking 75-minute piece of precision physical theatre, an homage to anyone who has ever given in to the urge to treat the office like a playground and an instruction manual for all those not yet brave enough to try.

Add to that a banging soundtrack, a pastiche of some of Hollywood’s most iconic action scenes and what has to be among the most spectacular sets in the history of the Fringe, and you have a show you will want to go back to again and again.

Reviewer: Allison Vale

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