Bloggers - Real Internet Diaries

Devised and compiled by Oliver Mann
Connected Theatre
Smirnoff Underbelly

With the advent of Internet diarisation being the popular culture icon of this year's festival and several plays being based around this new media form, it's gladdening to see that the Fringe is embracing this new avenue of lives and stories.

Connected Theatre's latest play has a simple enough premise, extracts from eleven real Blogs have been woven into a series of talking-heads style vignettes, which contrast the different problems faced in the everyday lives of these people. The cast is uniformly excellent in their multitude of roles and voices, never seeming to force the pains and joys but in a more naturalistic fashion, simply let the words speak for themselves.

Oliver Mann's directs the segments, and in his hands the stories lead us on a mesmerising journey of posts and entries both moving and frightening but ultimately hopeful.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan

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