Boris and Sergey: Preposterous Improvisation Experiment

Flabbergast Theatre
Assembly George Square Theatre

Boris and Sergey: Preposterous Improvisation Experiment Credit: Flabbergast

Flabbergast Theatre's unique brand of clowning, puppetry and performance returns to the Fringe with warm welcome. Of similar welcome are their two Eastern European, leather-stitched puppets, Boris and Sergey, who bring back their irreverant comedy.

Instead of the previous year's plotted adventures, or the semi-improvised villainous follow-up, this year Flabbergast has opted for a fully improvised show. Taking cues, suggestions, and even packets of peanuts from members of the audience, they weave a silly and chucklesome story, which invariably winds itself into knots of harmless fun before being forgotten and a new idea is bounded after with gleeful abandon.

There's a real charm to seeing six skilled performers puppeting a pair of dolls with such skill and easy flair that it's continually forgotten that the spindle-beings aren't actually alive. The charismatic ease with which they hold the audience in their hands hasn't faltered over the years, although the puppets themselves are looking very slightly more worn than before.

It's clear that, for the foreseeable future, Flabbergast can promise a show that'll guarentee to end your evening on a high note.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan

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