Boris & Sergey II - Perilous Escapade

Flabbergast Theatre / Escalator East to Edinburgh
Pleasance Courtyard

Boris & Sergey II - Perilous Escape

If you're insane enough to see both Boris and Sergey shows the same night, then the sheen of sweat upon your brow will set you up quite nicely for the beginning of this smaller, more comedic, audience-suggestion driven Alighierian jaunt through hell.

The titular puppets burst literally onto the stage and decide to tell the story of their escape from the hellish spectres of death, and the bespoke Hell-lord of the audience choice.

Instead of the six performers of the previous show, this time it's down to four, meaning that only one of the pair can be fully articulated at one time, leading to various comedy moments.

On the whole this is a funny and entertaining show, on a much more conservative and limited scale than the Vaudevillian Adventure. Still it's got enough charm and laughs to ensure that even if you never saw the first show, you'll still enjoy their Perilous Escape.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan

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