Ella Hickson
Aireborne Theatre
Greenside @ Infirmary Street

Aireborne Theatre's latest play opens in the aftermath of a messy final year University flat party, with rubbish bags and other assorted detritus scattered around the room. One by one, we are introduced to the titular 'Boys', a group of mismatched stereotypes, who are all about to leave their Edinburgh flat to go out into the real world.

The concept of Boys is actually quite a resonable one for a Fringe play, the vying ideals and attitudes of the variously drunk or drug-addled flatmates building up like a powderkeg in the litter-bag-strewn flat opens opportunity for good storytelling.

Unfortunately, the scattered narrative is vague, filled with too many ideas and too many hinted-at offstage past events. This leads to the point where the story becomes less interesting as time goes on because the audience never gets a chance to engage with one character's story before the play goes off in another direction.

There's a moment in the middle of the play where a lot of the tension is finally revealed, but up until that moment there is almost no allusion toward such events and the thinly-drawn relationships aren't at all clear.

It also commits the worst of Fringe show crimes, boring the audience; with too many scene changes, noisy dance moments that go on too long and a payoff that is as vapid as the characters who appear in the show.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan

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