The Udderbelly

Exactly how cabaret should be: a conspiratorial emcee, some jaw-dropping acts and plenty of flirtacious flashing of flesh. Every act performed by the six toned members of the all male cast is strong, in the case of new recruit strongman Johnny Domino, super strong.

Although the emcee Fez Faanana is a constantly-changing array of different drag outfits, the boys by no means rely on sequins and feathers for their act. Their self-styled 'Boy-lesque' features circus style acrobatics of a high calibre, lots of spinning and bending all done in a jokey, highly endearing way.

There is good mix of wow acts with more tongue-in-cheek silly acts and a fun little piece of audience interaction. The emcee is very involving, giving you some of their background and you get to see how Natano Faanana's amazing tattoo was created.

Cabaret has never been the sole preserve of women and anyway it's not really about gender; it's about confidence, skill, not to mention sexuality and this group is visibly bursting with all three. Great skills aside, the sassy ways these guys strip is quite something.

Easily one of the best cabaret shows in town. The only criticism was that it all felt too brief.

Reviewer: Seth Ewin

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