Barely Methodical Troupe
Underbelly’s Circus Hub on the Meadows


You have to admire the sheer athletic acrobatic skills of Bare Methodical Troupe who won a Total Theatre award for their hit performance of Bromance that is playing in the brand new Circus Hub in the Meadows.

Their circus skills are indeed breathtaking but what makes this show different from other circus acts is the way they interweave some really funny comedy into their show.

Bromance is defined as “a close but non-sexual intimate relationship between two men".

The three performers Louis Gift, Beren D’Amico and Charlie Wheeler create scenes of affection, embarrassedly shaking hands and bonding with physical fondness.

There is a remarkable trust between them with back flips, handstands, lifts, death-defying catches and spectacular feats of strength all presented with an honesty and humour.

They use synchronised movement to great effect that at times is almost balletic. The audience really enjoyed the mild innuendos when gestures are mistaken or an actor ends up in what could be interpreted as an embarrassing situation.

The sequence in the men’s toilets is a touch of pure humour and the use of swans is a touch of magic but you have to see the show to understand this.

Charlie Wheeler’s fluid solo precise performance on the Cyr wheel reflects his isolation from the rest of the group. He is highly talented creating dynamic movement as he balances on this spinning wheel. A truly stand-out performance.

In the finale, the cast in their red underwear perform an awe-inspiring tower that had the audience gasping with appreciation.

The capacity audience expressed their delight, with some enthusiastic and loud applause. The troupe certainly deserves it.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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