Buckle Up

Andrew Hollingworth and Tim Gutteridge
Buckle Up Theatre

Buckle Up

Buckle Up is a hilarious take-off of the budget airline industry. So, as the audience enters the auditorium we are greeted by the staff of Budge-It Air who, “hope we have a pleasant flight.”

With five-a-breast seats each side of the aisle, this is certainly going to be an experience on board this Boeing 737 flight.

The witty writing embraces all the clichés of flying on this no-frills airline as we are informed that, “today’s meal is chicken with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese with a vegetarian option of, well, potatoes.”

Also as a special offer, you can purchase toilet tokens 4 for the price of 3 and that includes the flight attendants.

These are truly stereotypical characters. Cressida (Katie Arnstein) has had a night out with the pilots who have yet to turn up so the flight is going to be delayed.

Rookie Cecil (Andrew Hollingworth) is on his first flight; he is exceedingly nervous and can’t remember what he was taught on his training.

Cabin supervisor Lisa (Meg McCarthy) is anxious to keep control and get additional revenue by promoting the duty free trolley before we take off.

This is an immersive performance with the action taking place all down the aisle with the cast interacting with the audience; it’s all good fun.

But when a passenger Jamie (Tim Gutterage) suddenly announces that he is taking over the plane, we find ourselves in a hilarious hostage situation.

Just think of the Scottish television series The High Life and you’ll get the formula. It’s all light-weight slapstick fun that makes this short ‘flight’ highly enjoyable. Check in and check this one out.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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