Cafe Ruse

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Zoo Southside

Cafe Ruse

Sometimes, it’s great amongst so many serious plays to see something absurd and silly. Café Ruse is both and the energy the performers put into the show is exhausting to watch.

When the quaint café is threatened with closure (unless they can find £60,000), the owner and regular customers hatch a plan to steal a famous piece of artwork to solve all their problems.

With music, dance, slow motion fight scenes and many hat (and wig) changes, the farcical show is pure fun.

For the performance I saw, a rather crucial prop collapsed and the cast, making the most of the mishap, added hugely to the laughter quota.

Light, frothy, slick (when it all goes right) and speedy, Café Ruse is an honest offering with a talented young cast.

Reviewer: Amy Yorston

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