Caino – Il Figlio del Primo

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Paradise in Augustines

Caino – Il Figlio del Primo

Performed almost entirely in Italian with projected subtitles, this physical theatre piece portrays the creation of the world, and then the birth of mankind from the dust formed by void and light at the world of God.

The three performers contort and wheel in dance and play, as they enact the murderous temptation of Cain, the “first son” at the hands of a lascivious and wild-eyed Lucifer who tempts him with knowledge and sights, then sows the seeds of discord between him and his brother Abel.

It’s at times an impressive feat of performance, as the three young dancers are physically impressive, tireless and seemingly carved as if from fleshy marble, without flaw.

However, it’s unfortunate that due to the language barrier, with the subtitles projected high above the actors, that it’s impossible to read and watch at the same time, which would be less of an issue, but for the technical errors which led them to be fast forwarded through at one stage, and several times failed to appear until midway through an exchange. There were also jarring cuts between the music and ambient sounds that smack of hasty work, all of which simply detracts from what was an interesting if languid biblical story.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan

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