Camilla Cleese and Steve Hofsetter: Produced by John Cleese

PME Edinburgh Live Limited
Assembly George Square Studios

Produced by John Cleese

Camilla Cleese knows how to market herself. Piggybacking this show on the name, and indeed the image, of her father is a smart move. Not only does it create a saleable expectation, but also gives licence for her to poke fun at him repeatedly throughout the length of her stand-up set.

It's a nice performance, with veteran comedian Steve Hofsetter bookending her set with a more measured and experienced hand at the tiller. This serves as a gentle means of introducing Cleese into a warm audience for the middle chunk of the performance.

It feels a little brief and Cleese seemed slightly uncomfortable on stage, but that could be on account of her being somewhat unwell, so much so that she wasn't able to take her bow at the end of the performance. That in mind, she did manage to elicit many a chuckle and her self-deprecating wit is nicely acerbic.

The mainstay of the show is Hofsetter delving into his trademark political comedy, which occasionally teeters on the precipice of turning into a bit of a polemic, but is always dragged back into the realms of funny. He knows his craft and his set is comfortable and excellently structured.

Certainly worth an hour of your time, but perhaps not quite the show that people are expecting as they walk in.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan

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