Casablanca: The Gin Joint Cut

Morag Fullarton
Tron Theatre Company
Pleasance One

Casablanca is an absolute joy. It's homage to the golden years of Hollywood and has a clever witty script told with tongue in cheek humour by three talented actors who play all the parts with brio.

The scene is Casablanca in 1941 and Rick's Café is lovingly recreated by designer Kenny Miller.

They re-enact the entire story with effortless aplomb. Their comic invention and lighting fast costume changes leaves the audience gasping with approval.

Gavin Mitchell is outstanding as Rick, the bar proprietor who perfectly mimics Humphrey Bogart. All the memorable one- liners are there and delivered with assurance.

The Ingrid Bergman character is deliciously played by Clare Waugh and she also makes a really nasty Nazi Major Strasser.

Jimmy Chisholm plays her husband Victor Lazlo and Captain Renault, sometimes at the same time with great comic timing, and indeed all the other parts.

The stagecraft was superb, creative and resourceful with some inspired touches. We even had community singing of the Marseillaise and the cigarette gag against the Scottish rule of no smoking on the stage was priceless.

This was a play that the large appreciative audience didn't want to end and the encore was priceless. Go.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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