Cautionary Kate

Katie Sherrard and Sadie Spencer
Greenlight Theatre
Pleasance Courtyard

Kate is hungover. The type of hungover where the night before is a blur and you can only hope that it was spectacular.

Whilst she's trying to remember, her inner voices hold her prisoner offering best- and worse-case scenarios that she gladly acts out as a distraction.

Actress Katie Sherrard does a great job putting the audience at ease; there's participation in this show but only of the most gentle type and her enthusiasm for the various scenarios creates a very safe space. She imagines winning at the Olympics, receiving an Oscar and demonstrating her dance moves. She then replays the previous night, warts and all, the animated Sherrard switching seamlessly between moods.

The audience are with her the whole way. Upbeat and consistently funny, Cautionary Kate reflects a situation that most people have faced, hungover or not, where the voices in your head try and take control.

If there's a serious undertone to the show, it's that you can’t spend your life second guessing other people, you have to face reality at some point. Before you do though, isn't it fun to indulge in some fantasy at both ends of the spectrum?

This show does in spades and is a thoroughly enjoyable journey into the world inside Kate’s head.

Reviewer: Amy Yorston

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