Children of Mine

Mark Jermin
Jermin Productions
Venue 13

Children of Mine

On 21 of OCtober 1966, the small mining village suffered one of the worst tragedies in British disaster history. Mere hours before the school broke for half term, one of the mine slag heaps collapsed, sending over 40,000 cubic metres of rain-soaked debris, burying Pentglas Junior School and claiming 144 lives.

In an emotive and carefully choreographed adaptation of his original one man show Aberfan, writer and director Mark Jermin has crafted a bitter and tragic glimpse into a handful of the lives which were affected by the disaster.

The nine-strong cast create a sea of voices, crying out sonoriously in the style of a Greek chorus, while moving into formations. The stories of the families are contrastingly played for comic effect at first, making the bitter and broken fragments of the community skillfully performed almost difficult to watch.

It's a powerful and deeply stirring piece of theatre, based around an event too dimly passed for many younger Fringe-goers to remember.

From the first moment to the chilling final lines of song, Children of Mine stands as a rich and heartfelt tribute to a community broken in two.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan

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