Chimes at Midnight

William Shakespeare
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Chimes at Midnight

Chimes at Midnight is an autopsy of the relationship between Sir John Falstaff and his long-time dear friend, Hal, now newly King Henry V using the Orson Welles creation, Chimes at Midnight, as a catalyst for this production.

Young Hal and Falstaff were drinking buddies, as close and any father and son. But when Henry has to grow up and be kingly, he realizes that his carousing days must not only be put behind him but even denied. John Falstaff has been snubbed by the new king.

Wounded, Falstaff is torn between abandonment and acknowledging Henry’s new position and responsibility. He is thoughtful and also self-protective in this dilemma. The setting here is in battle; as Falstaff is now one of Henry’s army in battle.

We here have just the slimmest of 40 minutes where actor spends a great deal of time moving around the stage, in but mostly out of the light. The actor could well be a convincing Falstaff in the right production and with the right director but there is too little here; it is clutter and chaos.

Reviewer: Catherine Lamm

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