Choking to Death on a Currant Bun

Mr Brown presents
theSpace on North Bridge

Described as "Dylan Thomas without the nice bits", Choking to Death on a Currant Bun is the tale of what happens behind closed doors in a seemingly sleepy village.

Following an unconvincing introduction, in which the actors clear the stage as if at the end of a long shift in a pub, they start speculating what the people heading home are thinking about. This then leads into the main script, an overview of the various characters who inhabit the village, their secrets and lies, their quirky behaviour.

The imagery created in the script is detailed and absurd with definite potential. However, it would perhaps be better staged as an animated monologue as it feels stilted with a cast of three switching between acting and narrating.

There are some moments of humour created from the caricatured mini-portraits but overall this a slow, rambling piece straddling whimsy and drama but delivered in a surprisingly factual style.

Reviewer: Amy Yorston

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