Robert Khan and Tom Salinsky
Pleasance Dome

Set in the not too distant future, Lib Dem leader and Deputy PM Matt Cooper (Thom Tuck) struggles to keep his MPs from rebelling while his Conservative bed fellows prove less friendly as the end of their partnership comes into sight.

It is a fairly damning indictment of Nick Clegg's legacy. Although the comedy provided by Tuck's DPM, with his phone juggling, ranting and eyes popping out of his head, mean the audience is too busy laughing to feel too riled by his massive moral failings.

The action is firmly focused on Cooper with more well-known comedy names Phill Jupitus and Jo Caulfield providing Machiavellian supporting characters. Jupitus is effectively a fat Tory Peter Mandelson oozing camp conviviality whilst plotting Cooper's downfall.

Caulfield is the Lib Dem's unimpressed Chief Whip and although she doesn't get much time on stage she does deliver some great waspish put downs.

The script doesn't shy away from political intricacies although the plot itself is kept relatively simple. It is good but perhaps not quite as good as other well known comedies that target this subject matter.

There is lots of energy with Tuck giving a dynamic central performance and it works well, though more as a farce than a really biting political satire.

Reviewer: Seth Ewin

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