Coffin Up

The Village Idiots

The Village Idiots have built up a reputation over the past few years for their imaginative mask work and this year's show is no exception

Set in Grimm and Company's funeral parlour, business is not very good since the sleepy village of Langsley Abbot is the healthiest village in the UK.

Meanwhile the budding romance between Doug, the undertaker's assistant and the girl of his dreams blossoms.

But bills are mounting up and each day the postman delivers new demands and the bailiff has arrived. The Scrooge-like undertaker is forced to seek desperate measures to keep his business afloat.

There are a myriad of characters in this black comedy each beautifully crafted including a husband and wife who are jolly joggers but she meets with an untimely accident and provides new hope for the undertaker.

Things get out of hand as the undertaker becomes greedy and sets about getting as many clients as possible with disastrous results and there is an ingenious twist at the end.

With an ingenious set and a clever soundtrack this was a slick, skilful performance, filled with inventiveness from a highly talented company.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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