Company Man

Cheeky Park (Japan)
C Chambers Street

The the performers dressed in business suits greet the audience as they enter the theatre. The three men and two woman talk to the audience; “We make bicycles.” pronounces one man, “But with one wheel.” "Black coffee, with milk." It doesn’t’ escape the audience that in our jobs, sometimes things just don’t make sense but we have to do them anyway.

We figure out quite quickly that this talented group of mimes are going to take you through the garden variety of work days, but with an ironic insight that is humorous. Not much is missed. We have the requisite crowded train journey to work, the mounds of paper work, the mundane, the routine, the tension between the people we work with and juggling all of it. Here one of the performers actually juggles. We are all the company man.

Cheeky Park has created a world of interesting and simple props and set pieces that work very well for this production. All of this is very cleverly choreographed and well executed. There is mime and dance and juggling and some acrobatics.

Cheeky Park is yet another multiple-disciplined company that brings a humour and understanding of the similarity of cultures that otherwise seem very different. This is a fun and funny show for families—good for small children (who have yet to understand the day-to-day work stresses).

Reviewer: Catherine Lamm