The Confidant

Gilberto Pinto, in a new adaptation by Alan Bissett
National Theatre of Scotland and Òran Mór production
A Play, a Pie and a Pint Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

A Play, a Pie and a Pint publicity image

A great finale to this international series of lunchtime plays at the Traverse, the original of is from Venezuela but Bissett does a great job giving the language a thoroughly Scottish sound.

Joe (Jon Morrison) comes back after a night out celebrating his party's victory, drunk on success and spirits, to his wife Carmen (Lori McLean) who has been sobered up by revelations about the price of the victory.

The language is wonderful, and neither actor holds back in allowing it to flow out, rich, coarse and passionate. The audience really gets caught up in this bedroom discussion that becomes a power struggle between man and wife. Morrison as the drunk politician is captivating and McLean is equally watchable though she says more through physicality as Morrison tended to do a lot of the talking.

Such was the intensity the audience was kept on the toes as to the eventual outcome; both characters were so believable in the struggle. They both brought lots of energy to the stage, without however going over the top; it was all in the words and body language, making it much more real and gripping than a shouting match.

The underlying plot is solid simple tragedy, Bissett gives real life to the characters' speeches and McLean and Morrison relish all this in their short time on stage.

Until Saturday 19th March

Reviewer: Seth Ewin

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