Two42 Theatre Company
theSpace on the Mile


In an age of credit cards and loan sharks, Consumption looks at what happens when we live far beyond our means.

Rather than broadening to look at society as a whole or indeed a how culture is affecting a specific age group, it concentrates on one young man who slips into debt because of his spoilt and expectant girlfriend.

Combining movement pieces, some occasional straight scenes and a couple of comedy vignettes, the piece works hard to be shocking and thought-provoking but instead falls short of both of these things. Few plot points are developed and it is very hard to feel any sympathy for the central character who becomes swamped with self pity.

The talented cast work incredibly hard, however, showcasing both physical and comedic abilities working together as a strong ensemble. A speed dating section highlighting short attention spans and a chair sequence representing selfishness are both key moments handled with confidence.

Although rather lengthy, their interpretation of a cocaine-fuelled party also demonstrates their cohesion as a company.

Consumption is visually busy and performed by an able cast. However the script tackles few of the ideas the press material suggests that it will and has more of an air of eighties excess than modern materialism.

Reviewer: Amy Yorston

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