Critical! (A Sociopath’s Guide to Influencing Edinburgh Fringe Reviewers)

Practical Magic
Spotlites @ The Merchants’ Hall

What great fodder for a play aimed at an audience of theatre-friendly people. In the tradition of let’s-trash-the-critic, Practical Magic has succeeded in creating one of the funniest and freshest.

We join director, Finton McGlynn, who has brought his 15th production to the Fringe: a one-woman production of Twelve Angry Men starring the glamorous Joanna Dunbar who is not as “blonde” as might first seem.

But distinguished critic Bernadette Savage is just about to do just that: savage his production. To thwart this bad review, McGlynn with the help of a cunning stage manager, Sue Carpenter, and crew Jim Class, are going to kidnap her until she coughs up a five-star review.

Practical Magic has a winning cast, a stellar script with great character names. Audiences stopped the playing with uproarious laughter.

This audience loved it but industry people will delight in recognizing… well, everything.

Reviewer: Catherine Lamm

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