Rachele Clerke
Rachele Clerk and The Great White Males

I don’t know why it’s spelled with a “u” instead of an “o”. Cuncrete is a theme concert superficially about architecture in general and, of course, concrete.

Four women dress/disguised as men, with varying degrees of success, make up what is supposed to be one of those raw, amateur bands of the one-hit-wonder variety that came out of the '80s. With creator Rachel Clerke (Archibald Tactful) on vocals, Eleanor Fogg (johnsmith) on guitar, Anna Smith (Little Keith) on drums and Josephine Joy (Johnnie Jove) on bass, they are not good enough to be “good” and not bad enough to be cliché.

What they have going for them are a few clever songs about building. But in the end, the point that they make is that architecture of the concrete and aesthetic / social / political (etc.) variety is created or, at the very least, attributed to men.

This is overshadowed by the uncomfortable atmosphere; they don’t connect with the audience early. In fact, they didn’t seem to reach most of the audience at all. Yes, we got the joke / point (power, power, who's got the power) but didn’t seem to be “in” on anything new or provocative.

They get the one star for Johnnie Jove who was just over-the-top enough to be where they should be going.

Reviewer: Catherine Henry Lamm

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