David Reed: Shamblehouse

David Reed
Draw HQ
Pleasance Courtyard

Several one-man-shows crammed into one, Reed performs a selection of different characters each of whom could probably manage a full slot to themselves.

Each has their own story to tell from the schoolboy with his science fiction adventure to the lonely antique's dealer and macabre challenge. Reed, one third of sketch comedy group The Penny Dreadfuls, is no stranger to off-the-wall comedy and this one man sketch show goes well beyond easy gags and silly stereotypes. The characters, though not always totally sane, do manage some quite poignant moments.

The show was quite bizarre which was part of its charm, although a little more narration between characters might have made it smoother. Perhaps a little of Reed as a persona closer to himself might have helped. The ending wasn't totally satisfactory in its attempt to tie up loose ends.

This is a show that breaks new ground and could well spawn several great comic characters.

Reviewer: Seth Ewin

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