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Deal With the Dragon

Kevin Rolston
First Sprout Theatre (USA)
C nova

We are treated to this relationship, artist and demon, devised to cope with all those nasty little nuisances that keep getting in the way of our enjoying life.

Deal With the Dragon starts off rocky wth Kevin Rolston donning the character of a "German dragon"; difficult to engage not the least because he doesn't handle a German accent well (and there is really no need to in the dramatic scheme of things). Mr Ralston might find it easier moving back and forth between the two characters without the added chore of the accent.

As the performance progresses, we are delightfully lured into Mr Ralston's world. Another solo show with reality and fiction mixed. But here with lots of meat on the bone. We love seeing the characters and their relationship develop; and walk away with more questions than answers.

This is a polished, well conceived and executed production, as much fun for the audience as it seems for Mr Ralston.

Reviewer: Catherine Lamm