Death Boogie

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Death Boogie

What a talented performer! Actor and poet Darian Dauchan is someone special. Along with his band, The Mighty Third Rail which comprises of a violin and an upright base, he offers an hour of entertainment that is totally different to anything else on the Fringe.

This is the story of Victor Spartan who dreams of revolution. Tired of politics, tired of the voting system and tired of war he finds the courage to stand up and protest. Yes it’s a lot to cover in an hour, but it’s a brave attempt and an exciting one too.

This show is poetry meets song meets political activist meets story-teller meets live music. And it works. It really hammers home that anyone can, and perhaps should try to make a difference.

Comic book visuals by David Ayllon play in the background while Dauchan uses live vocal loops, layering up his own voice to create a ‘soundscape’. The result is impressive and all the different elements of the show come together seamlessly.

At times the show can become a little too political, covering a whole number of current issues. While this makes it topical, it also makes it a lot to take in. Yet the story is fast paced and has uplifting and funny elements as well. If you’re looking for an evening show with a difference this is definitely one to consider.

Reviewer: Alison Burns

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