Death Ship 666

Michael Patrick Clarkson, Gemma Hurley, Paul Clarkson
Box Step Productions
Jermyn Street Theatre

Death Ship 666 Credit: Box Step Productions

Death Ship 666 is not going to be the title of a subtle play.

The poster, in case the name itself wasn't enough, features explosions, a maniac sporting an eye-patch and a bear. It's also a parody of the Titanic. So no, it definitely won't be taking itself too seriously.

And Death Ship 666 is definitely funny. The first twenty minutes are the best where you're not really sure exactly what's going on, why there's a ten-year-old detective or why people can't stop running, but you don't really care because it's delightfully silly and endlessly frantic.

On board the ship, there's a villain who hates the rich and so wants to destroy the boat, a rich couple who want to destroy the boat to cash in on its insurance and a captain who's paranoid about icebergs sneaking up on him.

The plot doesn't really matter, man loves married woman, married woman does not love her evil husband, evil husband wants to blow up ship, and that's where things get let down a little.

This is production that runs pretty much only on its elaborate tricks, so new stuff needs to keep happening to keep people watching, the Scary Movie style of parody. While the jokes are funny, the timing is right and the cast are fantastic, there's not enough real tension and it does start to drag towards the end.

Specially noteworthy is Carrie Marx, who pulls off an adorably grumpy child detective, but really the whole cast is brilliant, working together seamlessly and pulling off some great physical comedy.

Death Ship 666 is really enjoyable and laugh-out-loud funny. While it could be a little less confusing, it's definitely the parody of the Titantic we didn't know we needed to see.

Reviewer: Tobias Chapple

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