Devil in the Deck

Unusual Productions
Zoo Roxy

If you're going to cross genres at the Fringe, you may as well make them entertaining. Which is exactly what Unusual Productions have achieved with Devil In The Deck.

Taking the form of spoken piece theatre and also performing a captivating magic show, master magician Paul Nathan spins the story as Jack Swindle, a lifelong card hustler whose mother bought his safety with a bet on a Tarot deck. The quirky and funny story of Swindle's life, love and the events which brought him to today, is accompanied in fine form by John Anaya's live blues and the two men turn this tale into a show filled with music, audience participation and a few fantastic magic tricks.

Turner and Anaya prove themselves to be welcoming hosts and, after initially putting the audience at ease, they make the entire experience a pleasure as the crowd is involved in the magic tricks and then allowed to relax through the story sections throughout. If there's magic to be found at this year's Fringe, you'll find it here; we can only hope the pair will be back again next year.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan

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